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Absent right now, trying new things. I'll be back.
I pretty much love every style on audiotool.
Second account(Just to fool around): @DaymonicTwin
with @Goldfinch: @Prisma
with @AtHeat: @DayHeat
with @Notoz: @NoMo
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Favorite tracks on audiotool:
Robot Ninja Pirates by @Bluedude (artist block)
Pimpampero by @cripta
Recoil by @Jambosh
The World Is Ours by @Kavil
Recombobulator by @Infyuthsion
disco shark by @rnzr
Helikopter ft Pilgrim by @Reversal
Suburbs by @Dustin Ross
i will make a home by @tornsage
Off to Save the World by @xavrockbeats
amoeba-Coldplay Remix Contest. by @Aron
If your music isn't in this list, I probably haven't listened it yet ;). And if you want to get on my little list, please send me a link of your track. I do not consider this spam, IF
1)you want me to give my opinion about your track
2)you return the favor ;) (without me having to spam you)
3)you don't overdo it
Enjoy audiotool guys!
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