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So, if you're reading this, chances are you've just discovered my page or you're seeing where the hell I went to. Well, I'm still making music. Just not here :( I use FL Studio 10 to create my songs nowadays and I've progressed a lot since the days when I was still learning all the basics with the help of the awesome people here in AT :) I really am thankful for your help, guys. :D So, if you wanna hear my newest creations, go to http://soundcloud.com/okayyy-music and maybe leave a follow?
- http://soundcloud.com/okayyy-music
- http://twitter.com/okayyyEDM
- http://youtube.com/user/okayyyofficial
My first remix contest winners!
1. @aBstracT - 200th! Remix Contest! (Abstract's Complextro Remix)
2. @ataribasements - 200th! Remix Contest! - ataribasements remix
3. @Olondro - 200th! Remix Contest! (Olondro Remix)
@armandoAP (break):
- Ibiza's Heart
- Armando vs Okayyy - Another Crazy Chick
With @Fynn - @Fynn & Okayyy
My favorite track in Audiotool EVER, it's by @Jambosh and it's called Recoil
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