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I am a learning musician. I've always loved listening to music, but I first started actually making music when I was 11, and got a guitar for my birthday. I would mess around on it, make cool sounds and simple riffs. Now I predominately play bass, piano, and some guitar. Some of my favorite electronic musicians outside of Audiotool include: Moby, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk, and The Crystal Method.
[X] Make a list of goals
Constructive criticism and advice is greatly appreciated, I really suck at this and I can't get better if I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
I will continue to further sharpen my skills as a musician, as I discover new things about Audiotool, and maybe myself. I shall be a productive member of this community, giving positive and negative constructive criticism, releasing my tracks to the public, listening to the tracks of others, as I tread my way through these endearing sounds.
I am a living person, I am a shadow in the light, I am a sullen whisper through the noise, I am a humble servant of my glorious lord and king Christ, I am a citizen of this earth, I am an eager student, I am a learning musician, I am a gamer, a "geek", rather awkward in real life, a boarder, an athlete, a traveler, a swordsman, a writer, and I am a proud member of this wonderful community of talented music makers under one place.
I am RocKiN
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