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I'm cutting back on the music spam; it was cool at first and it exposed me to a ton of artists I've come to love, but it's become excessive and more of a chore than anything, so please refrain from blowing up my wall kthx
Feedback and support are appreciated. Thanks for visiting my page and checking out my music songs, yo!
Cool dudes:
@Paolo Palacios
@Polygon Cube
@Bluedude (artist block)
@Net Elexy (Reach)
@Zone ◙
@Atomic Duckie
Oh yeah, and this frijid guy too. @aBstracT
MILESTONE REACHED: 400 followers, 100+ favorites on 4 songs, 200+ favorites on 1 (still going strong)!
MORE MILESTONES: Went to the bathroom all by myself.
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