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sndbrgnThe Sandburgen Chronicles

Total playing time: 7:57:16

Hey folks, not that I believe that anyone would listen to all of this but I thought some kind of a portfolio with all tracks which have a special meaning to me - would be cool. My collabs will stay alive so only solo tracks in here.


1. jingle german

„My entry for the Jingle contest for the Audiotool podcast“

2. fleshback

„A bit weak sounding first saved and published track of mine from the times without Machiniste. A tribute to the German Acid duo Hardfloor.“

3. I'd like to sing opera

„The first track in the style later called the sandy style. And one of the firsts using the Machiniste and Samples.“

4. Sackgesicht

„Man, I hate this track. But historically it is a must on this list.“

5. synthesizers against nuclear power (Edit)

„My contribution to the accident in Fukushima which happened the day before.“

6. Bein

„Dry funky Minimal track, which I still like pretty much.“

7. Jackfruit

„One of the milestones of my own development on Audiotool. Dry Minimal beats with some kind of melancholic synth melodies.“

8. A2b

„Remix of my best bud’s Techno classic A2. Luckily made it on the winning vinyl.

9. Cembalo undead

„It really sounds old today but at that time it was a big thing for me. I remember that I didn’t want to publish it in the night I finished it because I was not sure about. But then I did in the morning and the people loved it. Another personal milestone. But man it sounds crappy today.But I decided to put this version in the album not the better sounding remix“

10. Crocodile

„Monotone synth classic from a time with many personal milestones ;)“

11. Campfire

„First 8T shuffle track and if I remember right it was the first one with a reverb/flanger combination in the Centroid send.“

12. Sandwave

„Tribute to Cari Lekebusch label Synewave. Loved to hear it in somebody’s set at Tottenhauser’s Audiotool party in Belgium.“

13. Sandstorm

„One of my favorites from that time. First wish track for the Sandorama album but it was impossible to master it well.“

14. the moth

„This one made it to the digital part of the album and I still love it.“

15. Sandorama

„The title track of the album which unfortunately was the last vinyl album but I was glad the team which I didn’t belong to at that time liked my stuff enough to make this thing come true. The great Datassette remixed it for the album: (link is only visible to registered users) “

16. Testing Rorschach

„My only Drum and Bass track ever. I like it but I failed making another one.“

17. sunshine [edit]

„One of THE tracks for me those days. On Sandorama as well. Watch video here: (link is only visible to registered users)


„Regis ish track with some hard and dry Pulver synths. Made stuff like this way to seldom.“

19. Sandinista

„Dubby oldschool Techno track. I played the pulver percussions with my mouse and recorded them. Lars Böske made a Video clip for it (WIth the worst haircut and colour I ever had ;) (link is only visible to registered users)

20. Minced meat

„The influence of the „Drive“ soundtrack was unmistakably.“

21. outro

„One melody and a beat. YOu would say sandy style ;)“

22. Heisen-Fest

„Yeah! The Heisenberg came around. Remember that live stream Update day as if it was yesterday. Unfortunately unmasterable too, would have loved it on the album. Note to myself: No black Sausages!“

23. bbq

„One of my favorite off beat tracks of myself. On my one and only Bandcamp album: (link is only visible to registered users) „

24. Quartz

„My absolute favorite from that decade. On Sandorama as well: (link is only visible to registered users)

(link is only visible to registered users) „

25. STUPI (live from the Royal Albert Hall)

„My answer to a comment on my wall, which was some kind of … „I hate your music, stupi music.“

26. hole in the forehead

„Minimalish something. Always like the 303 line in the second half. Bass is missing in the hole thing“

27. oiled up

„Another offbeat one. Also on Santhesis.“

28. Essigsaure Tonerde

„The only pure samples track I ever made. WIth an esoteric touch„

29. A short song about hay

„Country Music as it should be. Cowbell fire work, a Banjo and lots of hay.“


„Last of a track series I produced for the Schnittstelle party here in Düsseldorf. Complete set: (link is only visible to registered users)

31. the tower (remixes done)

„Melancholic piece of sand stuff.“

32. the ear seeing all

„Dreamy synth pop piece with my attempt to do some of the drums the young folks did at that time ;) “

33. Lenore

„Psycho active Trance Techno some synth loops I created in Ableton.“

34. Sunshine unplugged

„My favorite cover version of sunshine. Made shortly after I got a guitar and a Loopstation. Use it much to seldom. Maybe one of my future projects.“

35. Auf Kurs

„Another one with two versions in this playlist, I prefer the other one. I sent it to the German label „Traum Schallplatten“ They answered something like: „This is not enough, Ralf“ :D

36. flying home

„I created the synth line in Ableton for a remix contest of Moby’s Coming home. But I missed the deadline, so I used it for this one.“

37. Monolith

„I remember me dancing to this one while I made it.And I don’t do that often ;)“

38. The Tower (unplugged)

„Second guitar remake of a track I composed in Audiotool.“

39. low

„Little Electro melody. It’s a bit thin but I like it anyways. Julsy’s voice is just too good.“

40. Unhappy tree friends

„I made this after a storm destroyed a big part of Düsseldorf’s trees.“

41. Kanister

„Boring sandy shit.“

42. Tag 10 von zehn

„10 days of hard and stressful work at my job in the catering and on the last day I made this one at night.“

43. Frühschicht

„I composed this melody when I was 19 on a guitar with three rusty strings.“

44. Amrum

„One of the few basslines I am proud of. I remember that I felt like I was doing a track that already exist all the way through that night. I love how the Heisenberg melodies together sound like there is a choir singing.“

45. Frühschicht II

„Still one of my personal all time favs.“

46. sworft est porft

„Don’t the fuck know what I did here!“

47. Freies Feld

„Dominik Eulberg influenced trancy Chill track.“

48. Beware the Sandfish

„Something strange and crispy.“

49. Phase III

„Dreamy retroish Electro influenced by Air.“

50. snd - 200

„So this is 100 tracks ago. Another Eulberg influenced one.“

51. Auf Kurs (2015)

„I like it more than the original. From a series of remakes in 2015.“

52. Kaborka (2015)

„My favorite own 303 line. Also a remake of an older Audiotool track.“

53. Land Unter

„These years were my bests on Audiotool in my opinion. At this time I started to focus more and more the retro Electro with EBM touch and more Movie than club music.“

54. Niederkassel

„The slowest and chillest from the series of tracks named after parts of my hometown.“

55. Außendreh

„Tried to catch up the cheesy side of Retro Electro. I don’t think I failed with the cheesy thing.“

56. Phase V

„Last phase of the brainwash series. Dark and slow. Hopefully not too pathetic.“

57. Lüppt

„Trancy and crunchy Techno track.“

58. Colony Collapse

„I think this is my alltime favorite of myself and climax of these EBM influenced pieces I talked about earlier.

59. Beware The Blurred Horseman

„Non sample track I made for my featured artist album.“

60. Don't throw rainbows when you live in a glass house

„Happy somehow.“

61. Vom Netz

„Trancy Techno.“

62. Meerbusch

„Techno trancy.“

63. Derendorf

„Technic Trancno“

64. Blech

„Slow chilled Electro with Julsy’s voice once again.“

65. Pempelfort

„Audiotool version of a track I once did with Cubase in the early 2000s.“

66. Flingern

„Slow chilled track with an ‚Air‘ influence.“

67. Lörick

„Synthie Techno for rainy beach-parties.“

68. end of something

„Slow, melodic Synth Pop track.“

69. Supermassive Egghole

„My favorite Techno track of my own. Never managed to make something dark and crispy like this one again. And believe me, I tried.“

70. traxit

„Dubby Minimal Trance. Yes it was around the Brexit.“

71. Borkum (2016)

„Dark slow Electro. Edited version from an older track. Inspired by a Terranova track I love.“

72. M-Gax

„Dark and slow retro Electro.“

73. Noetzaetrexefluxomatreon

„Atmospheric Techno Trance. Bit repetitive :D“


„A mixture of Propellerheads Figure, Nionsomnia’s great rapping skills and Audiotool. My 2017 favorite.“

75. Stockum

„ I never worked so long on one draft before. And then the master is a sausage like that.“

76. The Sandburgen Chronicles

„Rework of an older track I did with the voice of the great Intracktion. Unfortunately deleted the original.“

77. N-Gax

„Dark minimal Retro Electro in the tradition of M-Gax.“

78. 17 / Inter Fear

„I think this was the only solo track I did this year without any doubts or self critics. It was just fun. The result maybe is a bit cheesy.“

79. amalgam.nxt

„Ok I confess: This one was fun too. Going retro again.“

80. snd-300

„Track No 300. And planned final one. We will see if I stay strong. But I think the divorce of my old alter ego could be a creative stimulation.

1 jingle german sndbrgn 2938
2 fleshback sndbrgn 1992
3 I'd like to sing opera sndbrgn 1401
4 Sackgesicht sndbrgn 450543
5 synthesizers against nuclear power (Edit) sndbrgn 658
6 Bein sndbrgn 7224
7 Jackfruit sndbrgn 3838
8 A2b sndbrgn 661
9 Cembalo undead sndbrgn 8894
10 Crocodile sndbrgn 3102
11 Campfire sndbrgn 5680
12 Sandwave sndbrgn 1297
13 Sandstorm sndbrgn 1426
14 the moth sndbrgn 784
15 Sandorama sndbrgn 2438
16 Testing Rorschach sndbrgn 2074
17 sunshine [edit] sndbrgn 12547
18 PULVERIZED sndbrgn 893
19 Sandinista sndbrgn 1687
20 Minced meat sndbrgn 5422
21 outro sndbrgn 612
22 Heisen-Fest sndbrgn 3915
23 bbq sndbrgn 1037
24 Quartz sndbrgn 4966
25 STUPI (live from the Royal Albert Hall) sndbrgn 967
26 hole in the forehead sndbrgn 1908
27 oiled up sndbrgn 1378
28 Essigsaure Tonerde sndbrgn 5680
29 A short song about hay sndbrgn 815
30 sndbrgn 6526
31 the tower (remixes done) sndbrgn 2106
32 the ear seeing all sndbrgn 977
33 Lenore sndbrgn 1409
34 Sunshine unplugged sndbrgn 1432
35 Auf Kurs sndbrgn 752
36 flying home sndbrgn 619
37 Monolith sndbrgn 944
38 The Tower (unplugged) sndbrgn 1652
39 low sndbrgn 1812
40 Unhappy tree friends sndbrgn 2184
41 Kanister sndbrgn 1327
42 Tag 10 von zehn sndbrgn 3093
43 Frühschicht sndbrgn 2459
44 Amrum sndbrgn 1794
45 Frühschicht II sndbrgn 1438
46 sworft est porft sndbrgn 803
47 Freies Feld sndbrgn 707
48 Beware the Sandfish sndbrgn 751
49 Phase III sndbrgn 615
50 snd - 200 sndbrgn 1357
51 Auf Kurs (2015) sndbrgn 945
52 Kaborka (2015) sndbrgn 959
53 Land Unter sndbrgn 756
54 Niederkassel sndbrgn 704
55 Außendreh sndbrgn 2239
56 Phase V sndbrgn 768
57 Lüppt sndbrgn 821
58 Colony Collapse sndbrgn 1388
59 Beware The Blurred Horseman sndbrgn 648
60 Don't throw rainbows when you live in a glass house sndbrgn 954
61 Vom Netz sndbrgn 568
62 Meerbusch sndbrgn 696
63 Derendorf sndbrgn 1463
64 Blech sndbrgn 1459
65 Pempelfort sndbrgn 3173
66 Flingern sndbrgn 711
67 Lörick sndbrgn 1545
68 end of something sndbrgn 630
69 Supermassive Egghole sndbrgn 2015
70 traxit sndbrgn 619
71 Borkum (2016) sndbrgn 818
72 M-Gax sndbrgn 925
73 Noetzaetrexefluxomatreon sndbrgn 1774
74 Global Tinnitus sndbrgn 813
75 Stockum sndbrgn 774
76 purple daze 2017 (Feat. Intracktion) sndbrgn 443
77 N-Gax sndbrgn 644
78 17 / Inter Fear sndbrgn 551
79 amalgam.nxt sndbrgn 771
80 snd-300 sndbrgn 1950

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    about 7 months ago

    Memorial of a midlife crisis

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    Auxilor (NEW TRACKS OUT!)

    about 1 year ago

    I managed to get an mp3 of my what about us remix :)

    Buy it for $1 at (link is only visible to registered users)

    Giving all the money I make from it to cancer research uk!

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    Rodrigo Del Canto

    about 1 year ago

    Great compilation!

    Nº60 <3

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    about 1 year ago

    Supermassive egghole is my absolute number one.

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    about 1 year ago

    My all time favourite is e.m.t. but most of my favourite tracks are on this album. Even the ones that weren't as "favourited".

    Good luck with your midlife crisis ;)

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      about 1 year ago

      e.m.t. Yes Was a Hard descision not to put it in here. Thank you

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    about 1 year ago

    Dude, I need this on a cd. I'm about to burn all of these onto a disc so me and my friends can pass it around. That cool with you?

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      about 1 year ago

      Sure would be happy to hear about that session ;)

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    about 1 year ago

    Calls for a mega mix ;-)

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      about 1 year ago

      Hehe that would take another half life ;)

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    about 1 year ago

    Au revoir, mon frère requin

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      about 1 year ago


    • User Avatar

      F Y A

      about 1 year ago

      Auf wiedersehen sand bruder

  • User Avatar

    F Y A

    about 1 year ago

    Is it a kind of a ....series? ;) . I don't have to listen to all of these tracks (even if I guess i already did) to say i LOVE this!. Good bye Sandyman, can't wait for the new guy to come! cheers buddy, for me sandy will remain THE man from AT :)