Audiotool Grammys Nominations 2016

Total playing time: 2:22:26

Welcome to the first ever Audiotool Grammys! We remember the best songs of the past year, in the form of a virtual award show. There are ten categories and you get to vote for who you think deserves to win in that category. Simply vote by commenting the category and who you think should win. Winners will be chosen on January 1st. Have fun and good luck!




Best Collab:

Aye (feat. Clu)

Souls Collide (Ft. Budushcheye)

Straightaway (acloudyskye x Herlufsew)

Spring Cleaning [nav, neo, abs, sim, zer]

Boss Level (SF x SKYE x SYLX)




Best Remix:

La Lune (xavrockbeats Remix)

Veschell - Paper Mind (Tesla Remake) (Reverbed properly)

ion. [electro]

Luxior - galactic (demo) (ExPe Remix)




Best Remix Comp:

Street Lamp Sunshine [REMIX CONTEST]


Infinity (Remix Comp)

[RESULTS] You and I (Remix Competition)




Hip Hop/Trap:







Best Dance Song:

Every Night

city lights ( 200 <3 )

galactic (demo)

ViNL - Jupiter

Aurora. [1K]




Best Chill:


sit back, relax


its ok.

m a l l s t o p スレッド




Album of the Year:

bite ep.

Eternal Jewel

im so tired





Best Break-out Artist:

@Tim Derry








Artist of the Year:









Song of the Year:

Sol3r x StageFright - Storm Chasers

Analog Tears

Zerod - Ethereal [Melodic Dubstep]



1 Aye (feat. Clu) 4126
2 Souls Collide (Ft. Budushcheye) 3516
3 Straightaway (acloudyskye x Herlufsew) 3172
4 Spring Cleaning [nav, neo, abs, sim, zer] 5082
5 Boss Level (SF x SKYE x SYLX) 8589
6 La Lune (xavrockbeats Remix) 21620
7 Veschell - Paper Mind (Tesla Remake) (Reverbed properly) 274
8 ion. [electro] 18023
9 Luxior - galactic (demo) (ExPe Remix) 1339
10 Street Lamp Sunshine [REMIX CONTEST] 13943
12 Infinity (Remix Comp) 13750
13 [RESULTS] You and I (Remix Competition) 2363
14 マイティー 29150
15 лаг 2164
16 Hey 743
17 Every Night 4487
18 city lights ( 200 <3 ) 5413
19 galactic (demo) 24988
20 ViNL - Jupiter 26602
21 Aurora. [1K] 36157
22 detroit 21269
23 sit back, relax 25901
24 Eloquence 10243
25 its ok. 8542
26 m a l l s t o p スレッド 10089
27 bite. 2824
28 Practice 842
29 everything hurts rn 5837
30 Cluster I 2686
32 Hollow (Ft. Yang) 10535
33 Fog Pt.2 3977
34 200 remix competition 1024
35 Freedom 4002
36 Transcendence 4757
37 Outrun. 12182
38 Efflorescence [Melodic Dubstep] 13294
39 Samantha 12753
40 Invisible 24219
41 Sol3r x StageFright - Storm Chasers 17981
42 Analog Tears 20417
43 Zerod - Ethereal [Melodic Dubstep] 32945
44 X O X O 27179
45 sinister 21571

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  • Ooh I remember this lmao

  • Why am I not voted best Trap Artist of The Year?

    69 more
  • Ok no bullshit, here. Like this is a serious question. And a "yes or no" question. Take it or leave it. Shouldn't there be more genres? It doesn't have be super obscure stuff but chill, hip hop, and dance isn't really showcasing the entire site. Ofc we all know you cant showcase the entire site.

    • tl;dr not enough categories, not enough recognition, "other" category suggested

    • Everybody likes criticism until they actually receive it lel

    • Yea that and everyone's a keyboard warrior these days xD

    5 more
  • We need less EDM on this site

    • tl;dr alot of good genres that aren't EDM are not getting enough recognition which may put people off joining at or can cause users to leave

    • I think for that to happen, you'd need to "bring awareness" yourself. If not us then who else?

    • Fine, let me rephrase; we need more of not EDM to be recognized on this website.

    17 more
  • You guys make a problem out of anything.

    Its not even that serious , everybody wants their opinion heard , and somebody always thinks theyre right...

    • ><>><><><><.><<><><><><><>><><><><><><>>>>><<<<<<<<<<><><>>>>>>>><><><>>><><><><><><><><><<><>>><><><

    • >>

    • vv

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  • What I really want to know is: who voted?

  • The stagey gets 0 votes

  • So much beef......

    And egoism.......

    Maybe the community is to young for sth. Like that :v

  • Best song of the year analog tears <3

  • Thank you, AT hits.

  • ethereal for best song

  • yang or tocka for breakout artist and neo aoty

  • best break out: @Yang. (ffs this guy. some serious talent. all you guys have to freaking follow him right now)

    best artist: @Xavi (personally not my favorite of the year but for the purposes of this list I’d have to pick him. dove is a close second though, as he just oozes creativity. But, Xavi is a master of this website and his tracks are so well produced I have to give it to him.)

    • vvv zelv i agree

    • neo should be aoty tbh. xavi just produces the same shit over and over and it isn't very enjoyable to me anymore. neo puts together great ideas (not always finished, but creativity galore)

  • tocka wins breakout artist