Cover of album Artist Showcase - Sndbrgn by 【ATNation】[rmxComp.exe]
  • about 1 month ago
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【ATNation】[rmxComp.exe]Artist Showcase - Sndbrgn

  • electro
  • acid
  • chill
  • Sndbrgn
  • insanetalent

"Sing, Me, To Sleep"

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  • User Avatar

    André Michelle 2 days ago

    A true audiotool hero :) Congrats old friend!

    • User Avatar

      【ATNation】[rmxComp.exe] 2 days ago

      so much love on this platform

    • User Avatar

      Sndbrgn 2 days ago

      André old fella! Many thanks to the first Audiotooler who ever liked a track of mine and without whom I would probably be playing with my model railroad by now

  • User Avatar

    Sndbrgn 5 days ago

    Hey, could you take Track 2 and 4 out please? I have nothing to do with them. For some mysterious reasons they are in my trackslist. Thank you very much

  • User Avatar

    gone 5 days ago

    Well deserved

  • User Avatar

    Sndbrgn about 1 month ago

    thank you very much for this. I feel honoured. Track 2, 4 and 22 I haven't changed a note. I just accepted the invitation ;) Anyways, thank you very much