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KibMelancholy Remix Competition Results

Holy Jesus, you people are a bunch of m a d l a d s !

Thank you, everyone who participated in the competition, you guys are great! I never thought it would get this much reception but apparently, I was wrong. Thank you all!

#1: A Boss Battle Theme [Kib's Remix Comp] by @Jetdarc [REMIX COMP]

Enough kissing everyone's asses, the confirmed winner of this remix competition is Jetdarc! Like, my man, you hit this thing out of the ballpark with the chiptune style. The melodies are awesome, the mixing is well done for the genre, the vibrato is on point, and overall this is just a really fun track. You deserve this spot, great job!

#2: melanchordy by @Sunder

This dude whipped out some top-notch synth work in the track. Even though the track was shorter than the rest, the atmosphere you created is phenomenal. Also, the vibraphone sample was a really good choice to help build the tone. Well done!

#3: melancholy by @Werbs (back)

This lad is the maddest of all. Really nice work in this track. The intro is cool as hecc and the variety you bring is really nice. I do agree with you, this is something you have never really brought to the table before, but I still love it. Although, as I have said earlier, the rhythem is out of whack sometimes in the track, but it is something to grow on. Nice job!

As for the 5 other tracks included in this album, these are the honorable mentions. You dudes are still some cool dudes who made some cool tracks and you and those tracks deserve a cool honorable mention.

#4: Melancholy [acloudyskye] by @acloudyskye

#5: melancholyflower by @heisten

#6: m e l a n c h o l y by @known

#7: Melancholic by @it's embr

#8: melancholy remix entry [ / kurp / ] by @/ kurp /

This concludes the remix competition. Thank you all for participating, you guys are awesome.

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    Inavon 1 week ago

    bwoi this competition was f!re

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    Werbs (back) 2 weeks ago

    oh cool

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    Snowfire 4 weeks ago

    You know, I was honestly really expecting someone to create a retro styled dnb, but I'm satisfied with the results anyways.

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    Konundrum Official about 1 month ago

    rhythem yes

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    it's embr about 1 month ago

    there were a lot of great remixes in this one! well played guys