Edition Audiotool: Akimbo

Total playing time: 0:57:29

Welcome to our weekly Edition Audiotool album. This time compiled by @Akimbo . Thanks for the work you put in.

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1.Layered Drift by @Jonjon

"Jonjon at his best, even though it's about 6 minutes long, this track newer gets boring. The drums are amazing, the vocals are insane and the melody that comes in through the breakdown is unreal."

2. Kitsch by @rnzr

"RNZR always delivers, but this track just edges out all of his other stuff. Those chords and the percs are absolutely on point."

3. Liquid Drum and Bass 3 by @THRONE

"This track changed the way that I thought about making D&B. It was so insanely smooth and almost nostalgic while still keeping the energy that I loved from Drum and Bass as well. This was my main inspiration making Technicolour, and is still in the rotation on my phone like 3 years after I first heard it."

4. Blue Days feat. Emma by @cihangir

"Quality Deep House from cihangir. Love the vocals as well."

5. shudder [IN NAME ONLY EP Nov 15, for real this time] by @Nominal

"NOMINAL has always had some really interesting tracks, but I love the nostalgic feel that this track has, with the main chords sounding distant but always present. Insane stuff."

6. Find a place right here by @Sandcripten

"I love the 80’s vibe of this track. It’s a bona fide AT classic."

7. Love in an empty shell (nowai mix) by @Mikel Boyles

"Love this remix. Love it. Offbeat Ninja is one of my favourite Hip Hop/Bump artists on Audiotool. But this remix is so much better than the original, which was a really good track in its own right. Again, love it."

8.Young by @amoeba

"Proper lovely stuff. Amoeba combines his natural ear for melody with a slightly harder edge than a usual amoeba track, and it pays off really really well."

9. Indigo (DnB Mix) by @Jonjon

"More Jonjon I know :( but I couldn’t resist. This track and a certain track of mine actually have a shared sample, although its processed in a slightly different way."

10. Big Narstie - Gasleak (FSC remix) by @Future Sound Collabs

"Don't judge. This goes in hard."

Artist recommendation: @rai.

"Yeah, his mix down and drums could use some work, but wonder has a fantastic ear for melody, and surprisingly good tracks for a guy with 20 followers, and seems to be a really nice guy as well, so yeah, check his stuff out!"

11. Find Me by @rai.

"I love the melody/bass combo, and the drums are decent as well."

Favourite track of mine:

12. Jonjon - Breach of Trust (Akimbo and Jambams future Jungle by @Akimbo

"The name's a bit of a mouthful, but I love the way that this one turned out. Jambam's chords in the second half top everything off, so he gets props for this as well".

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  • what is nor doing here?

  • nice fringe

  • Too right dude, should have been featured ages ago! Thanks for the props man, I love that track and keep revisiting all the time, that bass and the beats - still to be topped.

  • thought*

  • another artist who is way younger than i though :O

  • Cool! Glad to see you featured Akimbo. :)

  • Congrats on the feature and thanks for the shout, mate.

  • z e r o d p l s

  • What?! Recommended?! I am honored!

  • Sick man, bout time you got a feature eh?!

    Grats dude!

  • RIP Nominal EP. Great selection, and congrats!

  • Congratz man! Love your work. you're the guy who made me love DnB again after a decade, ah and thank you for making amazing tracks like Technicolour :)

  • Awesome playlist too, some really great tracks in here!

  • love you dude. You make amazing dnb mate!

    - Zone

  • Cheers E-Trim!