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Zerod20,317 Comments Remis Comp RESULTS

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Best Entry:


- Kurp, from the very start that you left that comment saying you did all the genres, I was already interested. Now that I've heard your work, read all those comments about el bean, I see why it was liked very much. The structure, the sound design, the pace and style for each scene, even the story is so well done. You did such an amazing job. Good work, lad!


Best Theme:

The Bookworm

- Lead, this is such a beautiful piece. The almost orchestral feel every synth has brings back a melancholic and WW2 feel. The fact that it takes on a civilian's view during the war and not the soldiers is such an interesting concept to me; it feels unique in a way. You did a neat job.


Best suspense:


- The minimal amount of synths in this have more than enough of a sound to bring such a tense and unpredictable feel to what happens next.


Best action:


- Kurp, I'm kissing your ass at this point, sorry. The fast paced feel of this score really fits the chase scene. The drums and tempo change add more tension to the entire scene, and it's all so fitting. Sicc job, lad


Best sad:

What Lies Ahead (Bleū entry)

- Bleuman, this makes me feelbad. The thought of losing someone I care about so dearly is just gut wrenching. The fact that you went with almost nothing but just a simple piano-like piece makes it all the more better; it's such a beautiful piece of music to hear, and it invokes so much emotion. You did an amazing job on this track.


Best story:

- The story flows nicely, from the start of the discovery to the device all the way to the consequence of using it and taking it. You're now bean.


Most interesting concept:

- Kibble, you made such a nice story for the track. The idea of a whole city hidden in the snow of Antartica is such an intriguing thought, and to search for such a thing would be a bold move. Nice work.


Keeper of the Zoored pic:

DreamWeaver: The Transition

Bleū: What Lies Ahead (Bleū entry)


Honorable Mentions:

- Impronix, I really liked the sound you had; it was mysterious but also quite peaceful to listen to. Nice job.


Sand Dweller

- Darco, buddy. Nice job on the track. It was really interesting seeing a full on chiptune approach to a score for a character and scene. This actually felt like something I'd hear in an 8bit game. Nice work!


Another Victim

- Head, it was so weird hearing a house track from you, but it alao felt so nice hearing something new and different. The track feels so nice and warm.


Tipping Point

- Sunder, this is such a nice piece of music. The orchestral behavior everything has is so amazing. The buildups, the plucks, the choirish synth, it's all beautiful. Nice job!

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