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simstupid album thing or whatever

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(((huge ass monologue/rant incoming)))

So I know i like to shit talk the whole 'lole i put emotition into this is veri epic song haha veri meanignfil xd' thing, but i'll be honest, the particular tracks in this 'album', while not necessarily written with the intent in mind, are about some really personal and meaningful things to me and tell a kind of story about my personal journey over the past year or so (people here who know me personally will probably know, but thats only like 3 ppl nd they better stfu so i can keep up this m y s t e r i o u s and c o o l exterior lmao ((lowkey i'll give a collab to whoever figures it out tho)))

Honestly though, I really enjoyed this phase of my music and would love to continue it on, but i don't think i can make anything else without it just turning into just the same thing over and over. This stuff just kinda happened and I don't know why or how i ended up on this particular style, but it feels like whatever purpose it had has been fulfilled and there's really no option to repeat it. I think it's now time for me to move on. Also, I think it's time for me to stop being so afraid of my putting my emotions out there for other people to see, so even though these may seem super like, mysterious or whatever, i'll leave you guys open the option to directly ask me whatever you want behind the 'meaning' of these.

Uhh yeah so back to reality, I don't really know if any of these represent what i was going for at all as i'm terrible at seeing things from the outside, but i hope at least the titles explain enough.

Anyways, enjoy, like, share, subscribe if you're new, like my myspace page, follow me on instagram...

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    ZIM about 9 months ago

    tbh this album could totally be background music to movies and games. (single player games though)

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    Technical 3 about 9 months ago

    i noticed. how is your music so... GREAT, i cant make music this damn good, you, are talented

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    abstract about 9 months ago

    even if it'sjustaphasemom I damn enjoyed it and can't wait to keep listening to your music b

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    neo. about 9 months ago


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    Zerod about 9 months ago

    I noticed it