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a-recordsEdition Audiotool: AUDIOARCHITECT

Total playing time: 1:03:59

Enjoy the pretty classic Top 10 Album @AUDIOARCHITECT compiled for us. Visit his interview on our Facebook as well: (link is only visible to registered users)

1. Blech by @Sandburgen

"Sandburgen always was a great inspirer for me!"

2. Euphoria Crash! by @Jambam

"JamBam one of my early friends here, plays with 303 a lot, nice bro!"

3. Jemen by @Olondro

"Olondro makes a lot of my kind of music. Meeting him in Belgium was just great. Cheers mate!"

4. Subtitle by @Tottenhauser

"Tottenhauser, my great friend, very creative and a great artist. Had some good times bro."

5. Damage by @tornsage

"Tornsage, very very good music from this great man. Very beautifull music. A must listen!"

6. ecole by @Mr. Standfast

"Mr.Standfast, don't know him that well but love his music. Keep it up bro!"

7. Inner Out by @808Chunk

"808chunk, one of the first I heard on here."

8. autoscontro by @cripta

"Cripta, one of the very best around. Great guy. We met in Belgium, good times my Italian friend."

9. Sensor by @André Michelle

"Andre Michelle, what can I say, master ;-)"

10. Kitsch by @rnzr

"Rnzr, also a great guy, met him in Belgium too at the AT party. Real musician/DJ, love your stuff mate!"

Artist Recommendation: @EliaTrix

"Eliatrix is a bit of a mysterious guy, I love his darkish sound. One of my favorites."

11. Pointless Tune by @EliaTrix

Favorite of his own:

12. The Architect by @AUDIOARCHITECT

"One of my experimental tracks. I like the vibe of it, the pulling and pushing sounds, this is all about ambiance in repetition."

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