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ひMartianGotWingsひWings Competition * 1 *

Total playing time: 0:31:06

- Winner: @K-HAOS KXXD [gb] -

*Dont Take Offense To My Crit Im Being Honest & Stating My Opinion*

JB- 5/10

I Like Your Drums But The Beat Is Way Overpowered You Need To Work On Mixing - U Should Listen To Other Presets . Your Sound Choice Is Kinda Stiffy Uhh

Rexival- 4/10

Uhhh Lmao . Dont Take Offensive I Got Kinda Bored After The First 15 Secs When The Beat Dropped . You Should Practice A Bit And Learn Different 808/Kick Steps Bc That Wont It Cheif...

K-HAOS- 8/10

I Like How U Made It Chill And Different Than Others . The Mixing Is Really Good And I Noticed U Messed Around With Them Pans Boi . I Like Your Affects Too .

Culture- 5/10

I Like Your Beat Pattern But It Got Kinda Borin Too . U Should Work On Making Your Beats Lest Reptitive . The Mixing Is Good Too .

Dash- 7/10

Bro I Swear You Had It But K-HAOS Snatched It From You Lol . Gud Shit Tho . I Luved The Snares And Affects You Did . You Should Open My Beats And Learn How To Do More .

LxveHvrts- 3/10

Bro Your Affects are Kinda Sloppy And YOu Used Way To Many . Listen To Sum Of Neek, Coru And Other Artist To See How They Format Theres.

Ricoz- 4/10

Yoo . U Need To Practice Mixing A Little . Most Of The Sound Affects Are Really Loud . (Harder Kicks Too) . You Used That Maaly Raw Perc A Little Too Much Also And The Beat Was Repatative . Practice Formatting And Varaiting Sounds .

Tt- 6/10

Wassup Lil GlokkNine Lmao . I Enjoyed Your 808s And Your Snares . U Need To Work On Your Formating A Little And Your Affects .You Kinda Did A Did A Lil Too Much With Them .

Freeze- 5/10

I like How Your Bass Is The Beat Is Kinda Repetative . Find Out More Sounds B .

Draco- 6/10

I Liked Your Distortions . But Some Of Your Sounds You Used A Little To Much Or You Should Practice Mixing Your Sounds .

Quamere- 6/10

Bro I Really Like This But You Should Really Learn New Formats And Mixing Bc That Bell Was Buzzin My Mf Eye Balls xD .

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