Edition Audiotool: Astrum

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Thanks @Astrum for this great collection of Audiotool classics. Check out his Facebook feature aswell: (link is only visible to registered users)

Astrum: "I know I'm not quite in the loop when it comes to new music on Audiotool, but bear with me. These are some classic songs that have stayed with me throughout the years, and hopefully you will hear something new that you enjoy."

1. Sol Solo by @noraus1

"Noraus has always been an innovator within the community. He's created some of the richest sounds I've ever heard on the application, and I've learned a lot from checking out the guts of his tracks, as I'm sure others have too. Sol Solo has stuck with me especially over the years. "

2. Airglow by @Kepz

"Kepz is able to achieve a depth with his music that most aren't capable of. This holds true with Airglow, a dynamically lush and airy journey from beginning to end that takes you out of the chair in which you're probably sitting. I hope to meet this guy some day. "

3. Family by @rue jue

"This is about as good as it gets when it comes to collaborations on Audiotool. Jace (J. Fields) supplies a flowering backdrop of pads and light percussion samples while Julsy saturates the scene with her gorgeous drifting voice and thoughtful lyrics."

4. Line ∞ by @Perspective

"Perspective displays his wonderful composition abilities in this one. The two-step styled drums fit perfectly with the melody and crushed bass elements that weave in and out of the patterns. This one's gentle, but it's bound to get stuck in your head."

5. Spite by @shoes

"The feeling this song invokes is so unique; a blend of nostalgia and anguish. It also makes you question the timing and tempo as it switches through drum grooves of differing paces. The last resolve when the original beat kicks back in with an additional lower harmony hits home every time."

6. Hollow by @Jonjon

"If you've been using Audiotool, you know who Jonjon is. He is the man to turn to when in need of a phat drum and bass groove highlighted with seductive melodic lines. This one, however, is a breath of fresh air; a chilled out and chilly atmospheric groove that makes you feel as if you're standing in a large, empty tube of ice that stretches forever in either direction. One of those audiotool tracks I'll never forget."

7. Climax by @THRONE

""Top tier DnB. The music speaks for itself really. A thank you to Vaperous is in order for the distinct memories I have tied to this song. So, thank you!"

8. AFTERGLOW ((Jonjon Mix) + deep1tone) by @Anthony Bartone

"While we're on the subject of uplifting Drum and Bass, this track will really have you flying. 3 great minds put energy into this thing and its clear. The whole Afterglow remix contest brought about some pretty awesome creations."

9. teeth. by @rnzr

"I had to have rnzr on this list. This guy... not only is he great fun to be around, he has created some of the most monstrous combinations of tools and cables the audiotool app has ever seen, with a sound to match. This track was absolutely jaw dropping when I first heard it, and still is. rnzr. creates music with an extremely high level of mindfulness and creativity."

10. Cheerful tunes for the end of summer by @Mr. Standfast

"There are so many friends and artists that I love from Audiotool that deserve a spot on this list. As I was browsing my "following" list to try and figure out who it would be, I saw Mr. Standfast and immediately knew what I had to do. I love this song, and thats all I really need to say. It never ceases to put a smile on my face. Thanks for your creative mind, Mr. Standfast!"

Artist recommendation:

As far as underrated Audiotool artists go, I've always been curious about @pot 's music.

He's created a lot of 8-bit styled compositions through the years. He should go back in time and write soundtracks to the first racing video games. He's due some credit for all the time he's put into songwriting, check it out!

11. Omni by @pot

Now, for a track of my own? There are so many to choose from...

I think I was inspired by that song "Teach Me How to Dougie" when I was writing this one, but I ended up channeling some pretty potent teenage-romance feelings over the beat rather than directing my energy toward dance moves and swag. I still listen to this one sometimes and have been playing it out a little bit when I have chilled out DJ sets. I think y'all are pretty great.

12. I think you're pretty great by @Astrum

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    Hollow today was my favorite mood, ... for sure a great selection

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    Really glad you included Family by rue jue!

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    And YES. I want the hat as well.

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    Not one for 7, 8, 9 and 11, but I like your overall taste here.

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    I could've sworn you've been featured AT LEAST 3 times...at least in my book you were.

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    This list wouldn't be complete without Hollow :) Thx for the kind words bro, hope we meet one day :D

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    I still listen to Knuckles. Miss u Astremz ;_;...

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    Airglow, Family, Afterglow, and Teeth are my top picks from this batch.

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    Nice. Great Compilation.