Edition Audiotool: André Michelle

Total playing time: 0:47:15

This weeks Top 10 by the Audiotool mastermind himself, André Michelle:

"First of all, this list is terribly incomplete, yet I was asked to keep the limit of 10 tracks. There are thousands of remarkable tracks by hundreds of great artists on Audiotool. Thank you for all the great music. As a fun fact: To date we have measured a total time of Audiotool music of almost one and a half years!"

1. Teeth by @rnzr

"This track was a quantum jump in Audiotool three years ago. There has been nothing like this before in terms of complexity in sound and arrangement. Still a monster of a track."

2. Sonorigin by @Imexpression

"I am still speechless when listening to Kai's tracks. Sonorigin is so warm, so soothing, so complex yet catchy, so out of this world. Every single track of his is worth listening and amazes me. Technically Kai aka Intracktion and Imexpression did the second quantum jump for me in terms of the quality of Audiotool music. He mixes other DAWs with Audiotool to get the best possible results. This keeps us driving to develop better features to eventually let him and you do everything in Audiotool. Sonorigin is always the first track when I introduce Audiotool to new people. He should be signed by a big label and become really famous."

3. Switch by @Agrippa

"Agrippa is stuck to the 80s and I so do appreciate that! Almost all his tracks beam me back to the time where Joy Division's depressing sounds were my daily bread. His sounds are very authentic. Great artist!"

4. Depth of thought by @Versus

"It was hard to pick a track by Versus. He has so many great and meaningful sounds. You should definitely check his entire work. Depth of thought has the harmonies and rhythms that keeps me moving and it sounds splendid."

5. #04 by @ascent

"ascent is one of my favourite techno artists on Audiotool. Some of his tracks seems directly related to the sounds of Jeff Mills. I picked #04 cause its simplicity totally reminds me of the early 90s. It would have been played in every club, I am damn sure!"

6. KTN-18 by @かたな

"Continuing with techno, this is a bomb too! It fairly kicks in at 1:37 and even increase the density a few bars later. Unfortunately too short but nevertheless a great piece of Techno."

7. Motorcycle by @CGMan

"Heading over to Neurofunk. A genre that was actually introduced to me by CGMan on Audiotool. His scraping bass-lines are pure energy and I cannot keep my head still when listening to his tracks. Motorcycle was the first that I paid attention to."

8. kitsch (Kepz Remix) by @Kepz

"From all the great tracks that Kepz made I have chosen his Kitsch Remix to be my favourite. It opens every emotional synapsis for me. Very catchy."

9. Rain by @sumad

"One of the best dub techno tracks. Great use of noisy sounds and deep chords. Sumad always produces tracks with outstanding sound sculptures."

10. sol solo by @noraus1

"noraus is an amazing sound engineer. The quality and characteristics of his synthesiser pads are killing me."

Artist recommendation:

"Not surprisingly I would like to see Kai’s (Intracktion & Imexpression) tracks recognised by all people that appreciate grown-up electronic music also and especially beyond Audiotool. Every single track of his is worth listening to and amazes me.

Naturally there are way more artists that deserve more attention. Keep talking about Audiotool and share your music on all available music platforms. Be gentle and nice on other people’s profiles. Criticism is part of the game of improvement. Be honest, but do not spam bluntly. This is the best chance to get heard and appreciated."

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  • Maybe a day I'll figure in it if you reconize my talent

  • haha so noraus is just like "ok" XD

  • Woohoow 04!! Great list!

  • ok.

  • also thanks for this beautiful creation of Audiotool... for real idk what id do without it in my life now <3

  • Swag!!!

  • Nothing like people that are both movers and shakers AND humble! Thank you Andre and your pals for making Audiotool a daily tool of expression and creation for the world stage!

    Great list, and once again I am happy to see some homage to @Intracktion !!

  • Thank you so much, André!

    At present I´m so deeply get stuck with the tracks, that your words are balm for the soul......


  • You know it is a good album when teeth is in it.

  • dam epic selection