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Welcome To Audiotool Next Beta!

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Welcome To Audiotool Next Beta!

We are happy to share with you the current state of Audiotool Next. You can now test the application and hopefully make suggestions to improve it. Next is a big step towards the future of Audiotool providing a bunch of new features such as:

  • Live Collaboration! (including audio/video chat)
  • New Devices
  • New Dashboard
  • New Look And Feel
  • New Timeline Features
  • BPM Automation
  • Improved Sound Quality

More info on new features and devices can be found here .

Known Problems

  • Only Google Chrome is supported for now
  • Audio Latency and Framerate are not very good, because we are still waiting for a specific browser feature to arrive. For those interested: The feature is called Audio Worklet. This will enable us to provide glitch-free audio at a lower latency. For the time being we offer a workaround: Audiotool Booster . This utility is not needed to run Next, but it will improve audio performance and frame rates.
  • Websites and applications running in other tabs / browser windows may affect the performance of next

Beta Software

Testing beta software can be quite challenging and frustrating. If you encounter any issues post them here: Bug Reports

We are excited to read your feedback. Please make sure to post all topics regarding Next in the 'Beta' forum, not the public Support forum. We also encourage you to read as much topics as possible in What's new? to understand all the new things we are introducing.

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Use these links Feature Request or Bug Report Thanks!

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