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The exciter adds brightness to the input signal. The exciter does this by splitting the input signal into two bands and then by adding slight amounts of distortion to the higher frequencies before merging the two bands back together again.

  1. tone - Where in the frequency range the excitement will begin.
  2. Power - How much of the input signal will be excited.
  3. dry/wet - The balance between the excited signal and the non-excited signal.

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  • should this go before or after eq? probably after?

    • If you're EQing high frequencies, put it before since the Exciter adds content to the frequency spectrum, which you later shape with the EQ.

    • depends on your desired sound, try either way and choose the setup you prefer

  • still dont relly gte it but thanks

    • If a sound is too dull or "dark", treat it with this device to add more brightness to it. The Tone knob controls the range of brightness, Power controls the intensity of the brightness and Dry/Wet controls how much of the effect is added to the original sound. Experiment with different sounds and you'll get it.

  • Tip for loud heavy dubstep basses:

    Turn the tone pretty far to the left, and the power pretty far to the right.

    Just watch your ears, it’s painful trying to find a balance :)