The Flanger effect pedal works by taking the audio signal and mixing it with a delayed, pitch modulated copy of itself. The Flanger is similar to the Chorus effect pedal and can be used to give sounds a sweeping effect.

  • delay - Allows control of the Flanger's short delay.
  • feedback - Allows control over how much of the processed signal is feed back into the effect.
  • speed(LFO) - Allows adjustment of the speed of the phasing effect.
  • depth(LFO) - Increases the amplitude of the LFO.

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    oh god, now i have to repent for not knowing that lowering the depth fixes basically every problem i've had with this device

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    Good for metallics if you don’t mind the sweeping

    A slight bypass, though it sounds kinda weird:

    Speed all the way up, adjust the other knobs to your liking.