André Michelle

Gravity is a single-band compressor with visual feedback according to its settings.


  • Threshold - The level in decibel on which the device starts compressing
  • Ratio - The strength of the compressor
  • Knee - Softens the ratio beyond the threshold level
  • Attack - The speed the algorithm approaches the compressed level
  • Release - The speed the algorithm releases the compressed level when the input level is dropping below the threshold
  • Release Sync - Synchronises the release speed with the tempo
  • Analyse - Allows adjustment on the detection algorithm from peak (direct) to longer rms window sizes
  • Bypass - Bypasses the compression for comparison


  • Orange meter - Displays the current gain reduction of the compressor
  • Blue curve - The actual compression curve
  • Blue meters - Shows the rms and peak value of the input and output signal


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    please on your whole manual please teach us on youtube how to use gravity in audiotool in notes we have created or tracks we have made though thank you and have a blessed day.

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    i'm so confused on how to use this

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      Jordi Moragues

      Think about it as an an automatic volume control. Instead of moving a fader up and down manually to change the volume of different sections of audio, a compressor does that automatically for you. You just set the loudness the audio must pass for the compressor to act (threshold), how much to turn it down once it does (ratio), how fast to turn it down (attack) and how slow to put it up again once it goes below the threshold again (release).

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    more compressors!

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    dude! Much easier to sidechain than the compressor thanks!