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The Merger is a tool which allows for 3 inputs to be merged into 1 output. The functionality of the Merger is the exact opposite of that of the Splitter. A maximum of 3 different audio signals can be plugged into the inputs labelled A, B and C on the left side of the Merger and then 1 audio signal can be routed from the output on the right side of the Merger.

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    The4DGamer 3 weeks ago

    so why would you want to use something like this?

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    gåbrëlë10√<====[]====>© about 8 months ago

    Finally info about the merger

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      Jordi Moragues about 8 months ago

      You can also read more information about it here: (link is only visible to registered users)

      Merger - Audiotool User Manual - 1

      The merger is a software simulation of a simple audio signal router. It outputs the mix of three separate input signals. It provides controls to set the volume...