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The Minimixer is a 4 channel mixer similar to the Kobolt. What makes the Minimixer different to the Kobolt is that the Minimixer has an AUX or send/return feature. The AUX feature allows for an effect to be routed out off and then back into the Minimixer, this makes it possible for effects to be applied through all of the mixers channels without having to apply effects separately through each channel individually. Upon doing this it is possible to control how much each channel is affected by the inputed effect or effects with each channels individual AUX controls.

(Below) Example of Minimixer utilising the AUX feature with the Reverb effect pedal.

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  • The minimixer aux works slightly different from the Centroid's aux. Firstly, it defaults to pre-fader instead of post. Secondly, the master aux toggle, send, level works slightly different.

    You can consult this chart below. Note: Some liberties were taken in representation. Author: undisclosed