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How to Earn Money with Your Audiotool Music on Patreon!

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How to Earn Money with Your Audiotool Music on Patreon!

Patreon allows you to get paid by running a membership business for your fans. The same way one can pledge for audiotool , other patreon users can pledge for your music. In a sense, Patreon is our financial infrastructure.

Check out (link is only visible to registered users) about Patreon.

How to get started?

First, create a Patreon account by visiting (link is only visible to registered users) (use this link because we both can then benefit from an additional reward).

Secondly, (link is only visible to registered users) it to a creator profile. You can still pledge for other users - that way you can be a supporter and a creator at the same time!

Thirdly, (link is only visible to registered users) account to your Audiotool account. We now can advertise your Patreon account on your Audiotool profile.

And lastly, you can pledge for (link is only visible to registered users) too. Every dollar counts to maintain and improve our service. Everybody wins!

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    ULTRA BOY about 1 month ago

    I would donate to this and Caustic 3. My fav DAWs ever. This changed my music producing forever. It made me grow into being able to use Caustic even though it's very limited (Caustic, not Audiotool.)

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    Qua-Z about 2 months ago

    This DAW is by far the fucking best thing that I've ever found. I've grown so much on it. All the sounds you can make sound so damn crisp and clean. God I love this app. If I go to heaven and there is no Audiotool, I will be one of the first depressed people in heaven.

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    [QUVRVNTINE] [ 検疫 ] about 7 months ago

    Honestly I would only pay Audiotool, I only have 4 followers, but this website has done so much to me over the years, i've devoted all of my freetime to creating music, on many platforms, but this is my most used, I strive to make it big! i've always wanted to have synths and a big studio like my inspiration deadmau5, and with audiotool I can. I wish I could meet the people who who made this website, and give them a hug, because you guys are the only ones who fuel my music goal without me having to pay like 250.00 bucks a month. Thank you guys so much, I love all of you!

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    Zir0h about 9 months ago

    I'm more than happy to contribute to Audiotool. It literally changed my life in music. I love Audiotool, it is an amazing software

  • User Avatar

    Sage Zyra about 10 months ago

    I'll use what i get to pledge to audiotool