The Reverb effect pedal simulates the effect of reverberation in an enclosed space. The Reverb pedal uses multiple delay circuits to simulate the effect of reverberation.

  • room size - Determines the size of the virtual enclosed space.
  • pre-delay - Determines the length of time it takes for the echo to come back. (The length of the gap between the echos)
  • feedback - Allows adjustment of how much of the processed signal is fed back into the effect.
  • damp - Control over the level of the devices low-pass filter. Low frequencies are passed while high frequencies are filtered out.
  • level - Output volume.

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    I love u man

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    what is freeverb? =0

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    how do i connect a sample to it?

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      Jordi Moragues

      Just drag a sample from the sample browser to the desktop. This will create an Audiotrack deviceto play the sample back. You can then connect the output of the Audiotrack device to the input of the reverb pedal.

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    Caleb Nathan

    what's the "freeverb"setting do exactly?

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      I think you can switch between the old and the new reverb algorithm.

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