Audiotool Booster

Martin Below

The Booster is a utility application that lowers the latency and combats audio glitches during playback in Audiotool's Studio. It runs our audio engine as a small native application. Please make sure you start the Booster before starting the Studio. When the Booster runs, an Audiotool icon appears in your system tray. When the Booster connects to the Studio, the icon shows its active state.

Note: It is no longer needed to install Java.

Windows (7+)

Download the installer here: (link is only visible to registered users)

Since the installer isn't signed, Windows will show a warning and ask you if you really want to run the application. After the installation is complete, you'll find the Booster app in the start menu.


Download and install from here: (link is only visible to registered users)

Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Mint)

Download and install from here: (link is only visible to registered users)

The Booster app will appear in your application menu.


Please check the install for the Linux version of the Booster, as some Chromebooks may support Linux programs.


Experienced users already running a recent JVM (8+) can grab the plain jar file here: (link is only visible to registered users).

Start the Booster via: java -jar launcher.jar.

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    my booster stopped working, i tried deleting it and reinstalling, but when reinstalling "setup was unable to close all applications using this setup"

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    Russell Jolley

    my chromebook is ran by, and Linux is blocked. is there any other way to install it?

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    Fullmetal Duelist

    Also how do i get rid of the booster?

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      You uninstall it like any other program on your computer, you can look up a guide online on how to uninstall software if you are unsure how to do this for specific operating system.

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    Fullmetal Duelist

    It keeps making me abort it while im trying to install it

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    I'm hearing the tracks I make, but it sounds like it's in pieces. Separated. Or it just lags; the Booster actually makes it so much better. I can listen to my music without problems, and fix any earlier mistakes I've made during those days without the Booster!

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    I've been having an issue lately that whenever I run audiotool with it running, I hear white noise coming out of my right headphone speaker. I don't have this problem when I open up audiotool without the booster running. The noise only occurs when I'm playing back the timeline; when nothing is playing the noise goes away.

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    Hey, my chromebook supports linux applications but apparently a dependency of the booster cannot be installed, openjdk-8-jre. when i tried to manually install the openjdk jre through the terminal, it said that the package was unable to be located. even when i installed the openjdk-11-jre, it still wouldn't run. please add download links to the dependencies, thank you

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    Thank you for your service, first and foremost. .:)

    I have an Imac. 2020. I tried installing Audiobooster, however after download, and when I launch, I get the following error message: "“” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified."

    Did I do something wrong?

    Thank you so much in advance for your assistance.

    - Edie

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    Please add support for school Chromebooks that might have Linux dev tools blocked off.

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      ⌈CS⌋ totallynotashes

      As a person who makes music on a school chromebook because my phone is broken atm, I very much agree with this statement.

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      "booster no work on chromebook"

      "i think its just picking up chromeOS as being linux based, you cant actually install packages"

      "Google requires to use their app store which is impossible to sync with the server's updates."

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      audio tool definitely on some bullshits now

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      Dura Dummy

      you gotta have linux lol

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    I haven’t did any music yet I need some help I’m old school here in seeing is believing can someone contact me…?

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    ***Can't install Audiotool Booster and connect to new studio verson, HELP**