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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), check this first

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), check this first

Studio Usage

Q: How do I connect a MIDI controller?

A: Connect your MIDI controller to an available USB port on your computer. In Studio, press Shift+M to open the MIDI Setup dialogue. Your MIDI device should appear in the list and get highlighted with incoming MIDI messages. Click the Done button to close the dialogue. Right-click a synthesizer, choose Learn MIDI Keyboard in the context menu and play your MIDI controller to connect them. You can disconnect them by choosing Forget MIDI Keyboard in the context menu.

Q: How do I load a MIDI file?

A: Right-click a synthesizer (at the moment only the Pulverisateur, Heisenberg and Space support this feature) and choose Import MIDI File from the context menu. A file browser will open, letting you choose your MIDI file. New note tracks for each channel in your MIDI file will be created in the timeline.

Q: How can I load or save device presets?

A: Right-click any device and choose the appropriate item under the Preset sub-menu to load and save presets or reset the device to default values.

Q: What are hidden assets?

A: You can hide assets like samples or presets from the community, which means that they won’t appear in search results. However, if a re-mixable track contains hidden assets, users will be able to see them when opening your track in Studio so that they can make a proper remix. Nevertheless, they can’t be copied into a new project. This is a more open approach than making your assets "All rights reserved", which force the track to be private and non re-mixable.

Q: Can I use Audiotool on Linux?

A: Yes. Linux users are advised to use (link is only visible to registered users), not Chromium.

Q: How do I download my published track?

A: Go to the track page and click the download icon. It’s on the right side of the page and looks like an arrow pointing down. You can use this icon on any track in Audiotool, provided that the author enabled its download option.

Q: How do I download the mix-down or individual audio "stems" of an unpublished draft?

A: You can't do that directly from Studio, but you can play your arrangement inside Studio and record the audio output with another program set to capture it. A popular option is the (link is only visible to registered users).

Q: How do I freeze an audio chain to save processing time?

A: You can solo the audio chain, bounce the timeline to a sample in the Probe editor, upload consecutive 30 seconds selections (if your bounce is longer than that) as individual samples and arrange the samples in the audio track of an Audiotrack device.

Studio Troubleshooting

Q: Studio only loads halfway and then stops.

A: Try emptying your browser's cache and deleting the cookies. Audiotool could also be having server issues. More information: Support >> Bug Report >> What to do on service outages: Publishing, Studio or Sample search not working

Q: Playback in the Studio glitches or isn't smooth.

A: Check out the solutions provided here: Support >> Help >> First Aid Instructions if Glitchy Playback in the Studio . In particular, try using the Audiotool Booster: Support >> Help >> Audiotool Booster

Q: I get no sound.

A: Make sure that all instruments are connected to a mixer and that the mixer is connected to the Master Output device. If you have more than one audio output device (for example: internal audio and external audio interface) check your audio configuration to ensure that the browser is sending audio to the right one. Don’t forget to hit play!


Q: Can I upload samples from a sample pack I bought or an online database to Audiotool?

A: No. Samples from a sample pack are royalty free but copyrighted. It means that you don't have to pay for their use in your work but you don't have permission to copy them or redistribute them, which is what happens when you upload them to Audiotool. Samples from online databases, even if licensed as Creative Commons, might have been unlawfully copied from copyrighted material.

Q: Where do I find Audiotool's Sample Upload Terms & Conditions?

A: Here: (link is only visible to registered users) Click the button at the bottom of the page to confirm your agreement.

Q: Which audio file formats are accepted by the Studio?

A: Audiotool accepts all web-audio-api supported formats: (link is only visible to registered users). Uncompressed, 16 or 24 bit, stereo or mono, 44,1 kHz WAVs work best.

Q: Why am I not seeing any samples in the sample panel?

A: Samples in the library are divided by clearance levels, which indicate their trustworthiness. Make sure that you set the right clearance level in your preferences. Choose "Window > Preferences... > Samples" or press Shift+P and click "Samples". More information: Connect >> News >> New Feature: Filter your samples by their clearance levels


Q: How do I invite others to work on my project?

A: Click the yellow "Get Together" button in the Studio. Check this post for additional information: Connect >> News >> Collaboration Updates


Q: What are Audiotool Studio’s system requirements?

A: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox running on Windows, Mac or Linux. Hardware with a Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2, a minimum of 2GB of RAM (8GB recommended) and 200MB of hard drive space.

Q: Can I use the music I make on Audiotool commercially?

A: Yes, but make sure that you have the permission of any contributors and that you know the origin of any samples you used before you do anything commercial with your music.

Q: How can I stay updated about changes to the Studio and future plans?

A: You can check the Studio's release log with improvements and bug fixes here: Support >> Help >> Release Log . There's also this announcement about development plans for the Studio here: Connect >> News >> What's Up for 2019? .

Q: How can I support Audiotool and the development of the Studio?

A: You can support Audiotool through Patreon. More information: Connect >> News >> Become an Audiotool Patron .

A: You can also support us through Paypal: (link is only visible to registered users)

Q: How can I get more followers?

A: In short, improving your music and engaging with the community. High quality, professional sounding music will get more plays, likes, comments and potentially followers. Tag your music with the proper genre; it will make it easier for the right audience to find you. If your music gets more engagement it will chart, which will increase your exposure in Audiotool. Engage the community by following more users. If you give attention to other people's music with likes and comments, you will also get more attention when you release new music. You can also gain exposure by contributing to the boards. Avoid spamming users' walls, tracks or posts with your tracks; you will only alienate those you're trying to attract. Here is a (link is only visible to registered users) on the subject by Infyuthsion .

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