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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), check this first!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), check this first!


Q: Where do I find Audiotool's Sample Upload Terms & Conditions?

A: Here's the link to it: (link is only visible to registered users) There's a button at the bottom of the page to confirm your agreement.

Q: I get an error uploading my sample, what can I do?

A: Audiotool will accept most file formats but it will not take all versions of all formats. Uncompressed files like 16-bit stereo WAVs should work best.


Q: How do I invite others to work on my project?

A: Click the yellow "Get Together" button in the app. Check this post for additional information about collaborations: Collaboration Updates

App Troubleshooting

Q: Audiotool only loads halfway and then stops - I just get a blank screen.

A: Try emptying your browser's cache and deleting the cookies.

Q: Playback in the app is glitchy or not smooth, what can I do about it?

A: Check out the solutions provided here: First Aid Instructions If Glitchy Playback in the App

Q: Why am I getting no sound?

A: Make sure that all instruments are plugged into a mixer and that the mixer is plugged into the master output. It is also important to hit play!

App Usage

Q: How do I connect my MIDI device?

A: Check out this wiki page ((link is only visible to registered users)) for a step by step instruction. Notice that the Audiotool MIDI driver needs Java to connect to your MIDI device. If Java is not installed on your machine you can check out this page ((link is only visible to registered users)) for guidance on how to install it on Chrome ((link is only visible to registered users)).

Q: How can I load or save device presets?

A: Right click on any device to open up the device's context menu from where you can load and save presets.

Q: What are hidden assets?

A: When creating assets like samples or presets one can hide them from the community, meaning that they will not appear in other users search results. However when a track is remixable containing hidden assets, users will be able see them when opening your track in the Audiotool application, allowing the artist to make a proper remix. Nevertheless they cannot be copied into another track. This is a more open approach rather than making your assets 'all rights reserved' where the track needs to be private as well and is not allowed to be remixed.

Q: Can I use Audiotool on Linux?

A: Yes. Linux users are advised to use Google Chrome ((link is only visible to registered users)), not Chromium.


Q: Can I use the music I make on Audiotool commercially?

A: Yes, but it is important to make sure you have the permission of any contributors and that you know the origin of any samples you are using before you decide to do anything with your music.

Q: How can I get more followers?

A: The best way is to follow more users yourself. If you give attention to other people's music you are sure to get more attention when it comes to releasing your own. Spamming users' walls with your tracks is not advised if you want people to listen to your music. Here is a short video ((link is only visible to registered users)) on the subject by Infyuthsion ( Infyuthsion ).

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