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Audiotool Next launches October 1st!

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Audiotool Next launches October 1st!

We are excited to announce that Audiotool Next will be officially launched on October 1st!

What does that mean?

Audiotool Next has been in beta for more than a year now. It introduced a lot of new features such as live collaboration, many new devices and improvements. All these new features are not available in the Flash version. And since the Flash player will be removed from major browsers soon, it is definitely time to move on. From that date on, we will keep the Flash version only for a short time to fix bugs that cause differences in audio rendering. It is highly recommended not to use it anymore. The App button will directly open Audiotool Next.

Sample Upload

We understand that sample upload is a crucial feature for many of you. At the same time, it has been heavily abused by uploading copyright infringing material to the audiotool cloud. But even royalty free samples are almost always not allowed to be uploaded on platforms such as audiotool. In general, using samples from other musicians and/or sample providers (even purchased) might cause legal problems, since you are not allowed to redistribute them on any other platform. At the same time, introducing private samples would be against our audiotool philosophy, since we encourage you to share your contributions to enable others to learn from them. So, in the future you will need to sign special terms and conditions in order to upload samples. Any infringement will lead to revoke the sample upload privilege.

We encourage you to create your own samples. If you are a singer, rapper or an electronic circuit-bending enthusiast - sample upload is for you!


The quality of audiotool music is constantly increasing but it is very hard for random visitors to spot the music they are interested in. This is why we will introduce genres to index audiotool tracks and present them in a more organised fashion. Each genre will have their own profile with charts, latest, popular and trending lists and even a board to discuss certain techniques regarding the genre. This feature will make listeners and producers' lives easier alike. We tried to keep the number of genres to a minimum. For more detailed classification we will also introduce sub-genres. If this still does not match your notion you can use good old tags to make your music easier to find. We encourage you to classify your tracks as soon as possible to take advantage of this new feature and get your music noticed.

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