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Big Next Update

  • about 2 months ago
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Big Next Update

Audiotool Next got a big update!

What's new?

  • Remixing Next projects
  • Licensing of assets and projects
  • Official multi-projects support
  • New application menu-bar
  • Chat-panel has been moved to app-panels (right)
  • Shiny new start-screen | Check out Audiotool Demo Contest
  • New tiny status-bar
  • Tons of bug-fixes

What's next?

We are very close to a release-candidate. The last missing piece is importing your old flash-tracks. This will be implemented soon!

Yours Audiotool Basement ♥︎

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    André Michelle


    about 2 months ago

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    SquishyBomb Prod. about 2 months ago

    Damn my pc at home isnt the best at, well, running things, i couldnt even load the beta. sad day for us with bad pc's. it really do be like that sometimes

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    D☼beRm@N about 2 months ago

    Hello everyone, used to work in the application and everything was fine ...

    Then my life was so ordered, I abandoned the music.

    Recently, I decided to look at how things are here, start loading your project, and eventually starts to sag FPS, slideshow and stuff like that.

    Before that, I had another PC and it was weaker than the current one ... What's the matter, I do not understand, I'll be glad if someone else will help to solve

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    Kelbyn about 2 months ago

    Guys i got a question so with the new sample thing, does that mean we cant sample any more like, say i wanna sample song old 70s electronic track am i still able to upload that, i know if you sample less than 30 seconds you should be fine? or would i still be able to use but probably use it as a hidden sample only visible to me ? I also wanna state i uploaded like 50 samples from daft punk for people to use, each individual sample is like 8 seconds long but you can combine them so is that not allowed either ?

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    drew_robinson about 2 months ago

    Are there going to be new samples and importing samples