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Chrome AudioWorklet (Early Preview)

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Chrome AudioWorklet (Early Preview)

Current Next Issues

Finally our most wanted feature in Chrome has arrived. Unfortunately they introduced an old bug which can freeze Chrome for a long time when opening a track. We are already talking to the developers and hope for a fix soon. For the time being we recommend to use Chrome Canary where this bug is not present. (link is only visible to registered users)

Chrome AudioWorklet (Early Preview)

If you are interested in trying out the new AudioWorklet feature you have to enable two different flags in Chrome. First enable chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features and chrome://flags/#shared-array-buffer.

Copy and paste those URLs in the address-bar and select Enabled. Restart Chrome.


The latter option is disabled by default in all major browsers because of the current bug in processors called Spectre. This is a potential security risk!

(link is only visible to registered users)

How it works

The current audio driver in Next unfortunately needs to communicate with the main-thread where the user-interface is updated. This can quickly introduce glitches in the audio playback. The AudioWorklet runs in parallel and combined with our audio-engine which also runs in parallel, it can take advantage of multi-cpu machines. The old system and the booster will be replaced with the AudioWorklet once we can assume that everybody has the latest, working Chrome version.

What to expect?

You should get more or less the same performance and smoothness as with the booster. However the implementation is currently not ideal since it supports all three versions of the driver simultaneously. Once we are left with the AudioWorklet we can lower the latency and optimise the communication between the user-interface and the audio-driver.

You can see which driver is operating in the bottom-right corner. For example: 48000Hz (Worklet)

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  • User Avatar

    Kurea about 6 months ago

    not to sure why

    but that bug didn't just crash my browser

    it froze my entire computer

  • User Avatar

    it's embr about 6 months ago

    so, what exactly is the new audioworklet feature?

    • User Avatar

      Apollo about 6 months ago

      In short, it would replace the Audiotool Booster, the thing we use so it runs okay.

      Also, it'd help Audiotool run much faster

  • User Avatar

    sonic3ze about 6 months ago

    I was gonna report the bug. Glad someone already was on it.

  • User Avatar

    Apollo about 6 months ago

    Yes, awesome work to both the good guys at Audiotool and those at Chrome.

    Hopefully your collaboration will give birth to a better more connected Audiotool community.

    Looking forward to the future!