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Import Your Flash-Tracks!

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Import Your Flash-Tracks!

You can now convert your flash-tracks to Next!

How does it work?

Open the app and click Open project. Your flash-tracks will now be listed and can be opened as a local project.

Make sure to preview the imported version of your flash-track. If you encounter any issues please report it immediately and do not save the project! Once you save your imported project, there is no way to get it back to the flash-app! In theory any flash-track should sound the same in Next but there are some changes to the audio-engine that might lead to a different outcome.

The biggest change has been Logarithmic Volume/Gains

Flash templates are not yet available for import.

Reports go here: Flash Migration

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  • User Avatar

    ZaytheProducer 3 weeks ago

    Is there a way we can import all of our flash tracks all at once?

    i got so many flash drafts

    • User Avatar

      / kurp / 2 weeks ago

      i have alot, but they're all abandoned and i can't delete flash tracks because there isnt a feature i think, there should be a feature to hide published tracks with a checkbox.

    • User Avatar

      ZaytheProducer 2 weeks ago

      Alot xD

    • User Avatar

      Sndbrgn 2 weeks ago

      I don't think that's on the list. Maybe you should write a feature request. How many drafts have you all that makes this feature necessary?

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  • User Avatar

    Vulkron about 2 months ago

    godamn... i have too many flash drafts

  • User Avatar

    Recompense about 6 months ago

    ok i can't figure it out at all. can someone walk me through how to import a flash draft into next?

    • User Avatar

      xom about 6 months ago

      i wonder if there was ever an alpha verson of next, before beta