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New Device・Quasar Reverb

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New Device・Quasar Reverb

new device

Please kindly welcome our newest member to our device fleet, the Quasar Reverb.


  • High quality plate reverb
  • Freezable feedback
  • Easy on the CPU (less resource intensive than the old reverb)

The Quasar is the first community developed device. Big shoutout to Potasmic for developing the algorithm from a 23-year-old paper in javascript, which we could easily port to audiotool. Many hugs to Kepz for modelling and rendering the knobs. A huge thank-you to Jordi Moragues for his ongoing help in debugging and testing and to kurp for naming the device. Special credits go to Sandburgen (back) , Kepz , Apollo , Cal Lycus , Known As I , Inavon and ollie for their valuable feedback and suggestions.

Quasar Manual | Quasar Examples

Please share this exciting news with your friends on social media. Thanks for your help!

Yours audiotool basement ♥︎

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