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Sample Upload Temporarily Disabled

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sample upload

Sample Upload Temporarily Disabled

Due to massive copyright infringment, we are forced to redesign the sample upload process. On an average day, about 500 samples are uploaded. We do not have the capacity to review each upload manually. All samples except those from loopmasters (which are safe to use) have been set to invisible to avoid further redistribution. So, in the future, users wanting to upload their own samples will need to go through an identification process. This enables us to forward legal issues directly to them.

Sorry to our users who used the sample upload legitimately (e.g. by uploading their own vocals or instrument tracks), but current circumstances forced us to respond in the short term on this.

More info on sample clearance and how to obtain it can be found here:

  • (link is only visible to registered users)
  • (link is only visible to registered users)


Under what circumstances can I upload material produced by other artists?

  • the original material was released under a Creative Commons License
  • you got written permission from the original artist (see links above)

Can I upload sample packs I have paid for?

Please read the terms and conditions of the sample pack if redistribution is permitted.

Can I upload royalty free Sample packs?

Royalty free sample packs usually also include terms & conditions or a license. See if redistribution is allowed.

What will the identification process look like?

Our current plan looks like this: Before a user will be able to upload samples, they need to go through an identification process.

This will include:

  • providing real name and address
  • uploading photos of their ID (so that we can verify the supplied information is correct)
  • SMS verification

What will the Upload process look like?

  • For each sample, the uploader needs to provide information about the license (URL) and where the sample was obtained from.
  • The sample will then be reviewed by a moderator.
  • If we where able to verify the information, the sample will be approved. Otherwise, it will be rejected

We are also thinking about an easier workflow for users who want to upload their own vocals or instrument recordings.

I want to stay anonymous

  • You only need to identify yourself when you would like to upload your own samples
  • Your data will only be visible to the AT staff and cannot be publicly accessed
  • It will only be stored on our servers for a very short time period. After it was verified, it will be removed from the server and manually transfered to an offline storage (an external disk that is not connected to the internet)

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    André Michelle


    about 4 months ago

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    shaman. about 4 months ago

    alot of y'all electronic dudes need to chill lol

    you're not better than anyone else.

    you're not any more of an artist bc you spend an extra hour or two trying to make something you consider original when in reality the probability of you being the first person in the world to use that arrangement of chords is slim to none.

    sampling is an artform and started as early as the 60s, long before electronic music was even in the discussion .

    you make complex melodies and basslines ? cool, good for you. great for you actually.

    you stick to your bread and butter, i'll stick to mine.

    funny how the dudes who have the most to say about sampling have been on this site for years and haven't done anything outside it w/ their music lmfao

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      Distorted Vortex (FL) about 4 months ago

      the thing about samples is that you can use sounds from more better sounding drums atleast in my opinon i honestly don't need vocal samples or anything like that if i do need vocals i'll try to record my own and since there is no built in voice recorder in audiotool i have to upload it as a sample and most vocalists will be sad that they can't upload there singing onto audiotool you see it doesn't just affect electronic producers it affects vocalists aswell

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      Sndbrgn about 4 months ago

      but it doesn't help anyone on here to point out that the hurdy-gurdy organ excisted before Autotune

    • User Avatar

      yonko. about 4 months ago

      im not talking about specific genres of electronic music, im talking about it as a whole

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  • User Avatar

    Light about 4 months ago

    Is it just me? Or does it always seem like it's around this time the salty people come out?