We stay home ♥︎

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We stay home ♥︎

We stay home

The audiotool community is a versatile group of music enthusiasts, spread around the planet, where we have to face the Covid-19 pandemic. We are all dealing differently with the situation in our countries, personally, emotionally. Without vaccines and medicines at hand, there is currently only one way to reduce the impact:

Keeping distance from each other physically, and if possible, staying at home.

Stay calm, stay positive ♥︎

We at audiotool will continue maintaining our services for you. We encourage each one of you to keep yourself busy with music and keep an eye on your loved ones. It also helps to give us feedback and show appreciation and encouragement for other artist's work. That way none of us needs to feel bored or alone. We are a unique community across countries, ages and tastes. That is a strong foundation we can utilise to come closer together.

All the best from all moderators, developers and other forces behind audiotool!

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