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Welcome our newest synthesiser SPACE

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new synthesiser

Welcome our newest synthesiser SPACE

We are proud to introduce to you our latest member of the audiotool synthesiser line SPACE


SPACE has been developed over the last months with intense help from our private beta testers. Special thanks goes to Jordi Moragues for spending an enormous amount of work on the project, providing great feedback and many ideas and in addition writing the manuals.


(link is only visible to registered users) by Infyuthsion

Manual (PDF)

(link is only visible to registered users) by Jordi Moragues


  • Great for warm pads, 80s strings, huge choirs, metallic bells, crystalline sounds and way more
  • Refined version of the (link is only visible to registered users) creating substantial wavetables
  • Visual feedback on all spectrum modifying parameters
  • Combine two sounds to design complex tone progressions
  • New LFO modulation options to vary the LFO rate and depth over time
  • Bandlimited wavetable playback

We are looking forward to hearing what new music you will come up with!

Need more synths? (link is only visible to registered users)

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    naswalt 4 days ago

    I need a physical synth like this to add to my stack.

  • User Avatar

    ryan_tucker 4 days ago

    why can't i find this in the DAW?

  • User Avatar

    Tokofa〚gb〛 5 days ago

    Is another one coming out soon

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    Tokofa〚gb〛 6 days ago

    This is a amazing synthesiser, i love the fact that it makes it way easier to move and transform your sound, you guys did a good job on this

  • User Avatar

    Zodiac 1 week ago

    we have an up coming track that uses space, i really love space because it really brings that spacey vibe feel along with a little metallic feel and its easy to use, you can definitely use the song for your twitter @André Michelle