....i wanted to be [REDACTED] by her....


A love letter to my favorite game to date; "Irisu Syndrome"

I put everything i had into this track.. and i think it shows... 3 months of tweaking and perfecting and the end result was this.


thank you for listening.....


thank you...

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  • kurea... at least tell me your method of learning and practicing on improving in order to make stuff like this... like how did you improve your chord progressions?

    • im sorry i never wrote an actual response to this, pardon me blowing up at someone else lmao

      but the way that i improved was through experimenting for a long time in the daw, and watching a ton of tutorials for other daws like ableton and trying to recreate them in audiotool. with chord progressions, i dont know theory or anything, i just write what sounds right to me personally, but alot of what i know i learned from Gavin Leeper and BVSSIC.

    • you can do this

    • Time and dedication, learning about sound design, FM Synthesis, learning what the knobs and buttons do on the pulv and Heisenberg, etc. im on my way to attempt to make stuff like this. It’s gonna be one heck of a journey but I’ll make it hopefully. Slowly practicing and messing around in drafts with effects, techniques, and synthesizers

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  • WTF 😭😭😭


  • Yo this is insane! I love the flow.

  • muh


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  • 07:24 might be the nastiest transition ever created

    this track is great

  • I always come back to this song, good production.

  • Isn't this more Future Bass than Bass Music??

    • Ok this is getting annoying lol

    • nah bruh this is fucking extratone

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  • Legendary audiotool song

  • this has a disproportionate amount of plays vs. likes.

  • Still the absolute best dubstep track on Audiotool

  • lovely, yet grim

  • Despite my last comment, I still come back to this a lot cuz it's one of the best dubstep tracks I've heard.

    • @AWENiX She also had exported some sounds out of AT, into Serum's wavetable, making some of her basses. Though I don't know how many times she did that for this track

    • @AWENiX actually, kang and i literally sat in a call doing sound design experiments specifically for this track, it was a joint effort as kurea wasn't a single producer project, in many ways kang was my other half, thus why all of his tunes on his page were shitposts.

    • @Client in the second drop mostly of basses are made by Kang.

      But yea, I can hear some experiments that are made in AT too.

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  • what an adventure! that drop was unexpectedly super groovy! love those chords

    • Bruh those synths in the second drop are so incredibly well-designed. super fluid mechanical sounds... this is legit some of the best sound design i've heard on audiotool! sounds so professional. it takes me back to the days when i listened to skrillex and zomboy