Cover of track ] Snowblind by GSPIN
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GSPIN, ] Snowblind


goin on a cruise this week and i'm gonna be without proper internet for the whole time so uh see you in like a week-ish


in the meantime enjoy this rework of a rework of an old-gspin track

also yeah that's me trying to sing, gonna redo it (and actually finish the fucking ep) once i get back


you can run but you can't hide

can't tell the truth from your own lies

your escape in the screen light

pulled you out of your own mind

you're in love with your own high

there's something wrong but it feels right

you let em down but you'll be fine

forget the past this is your life

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    1 week ago


    took out the vocals for now

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    Swirrrrly (∞ Hiatus)

    1 week ago

    holy fuck

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    Mega_L Beats

    1 week ago