Cover of track Antarctic Remix Competition (200 Followers) by Velocistar (REMIX COMP)
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Velocistar (REMIX COMP), Antarctic Remix Competition (200 Followers)


I want YOU to remix my track "Antarctic" and put your own spin on it!

Here are the rules:

-Must be at least 2:20 in length.

-Must contain the chords, arp, and vox.

-Must use your own ideas. No ripping off the original, or anyone else's remix.

-Can be any tempo, and any time signature (if you're feeling adventurous)

-Can be any key (if you can make it work)

I will be picking 3 winners to be paired alongside a very special VIP from myself. These winners will win the following prizes:

1st Place: A collab opportunity, and a shoutout from me on my wall, as well as a sneak preview of an ongoing project I have not uploaded.

2nd Place: A collab opportunity, and a shoutout from me on my wall.

3rd Place: A shoutout from me on my wall.

Deadline will be decided when I have some entries.

Good luck.

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    Duce Sound Design

    1 week ago

    I know exactly what to do with this.

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    2 weeks ago

    Ooooooh! I might do dis

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    2 weeks ago

    alright yeah i have to do this one