Collaborative Music Contest 2021


We did it. The biggest draft yet, probably my best too. Our goal for this was to push Audiotool to its limits, knowing that there would be other decent lineups in the competition too. All 3 of us went through lots of hardships in the process of making this track, which is what inspired us to write the lyrics. And when I say hardships, I mean real-life ones, not just in the studio. I’d like to thank my long-time friend SIREN for helping with this track, and as well as a good job to Declan for learning how Audiotool works in so little time! (We had 2 weeks to make this btw) He’s an awesome producer and y’all should definitely follow him.


Yo guys! dcln aka Declan here. Leo has heard my sound design and he asked me to hop onto the project together with SIREN. I was super stoked to work with them as it was my first time working on Audiotool full time. Both Icebox and SIREN were super patient with me and showed me some useful tips and tricks around Audiotool. Who would’ve known we made my biggest AT draft ever! (possibly LOL) Forever grateful for Icebox and SIREN, hope you guys love this banger. Peace <3


Hey, it’s SIREN. The amount of chemistry and connection we had and that nostalgic feeling of working with icebox, legit made me feel like they are my friends in real life, this was one of the best collaborative experiences i had on AT and collaborative producing in general, there was lots of ups and downs while we were trying to make the track, but we pulled through.It’s the biggest track i ever worked on. I just wanna say I love these two guys (no homo) and I hope to work with them again in the future. Ok bye

Credits to @astrel for helping me with some of the bass design on a call. Credits to @leadenshrew and @Client for some decent presets too (we modified them don’t worry LMAO).

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  • wow why did i not fav dis

  • is this the biggest draft on AT?

  • wow, just wowwwwww!

  • cuz how yall be publishing these


  • Man, I don't even want to know how laggy it was to make this music. So much tools and filters used! ( I mean this in a good way ) :D

  • The production is AMAZING. I mean... how?

  • This draft is bigger than the ego of Jeff Bezos

  • yo, can i download this please? this is gonna be EPIC FORTNITE GAMING MUSIC!

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  • dam this made AT history right here

  • Coming back to this, the basses sound like a bunch of toot horns. They don't feel heavy. The basses also just sound thrown together and feel random. In a dubstep drop you need to have some of the same style of sound design in the drop. This also isn't really anything ground breaking, so idk why people are freaking out.

    • I agree, they are kinda quiet, and random

    • He wasn't bein mean. He's just giving criticism. Frankly, I kinda agree, but overall, everything is pretty good on the track otherwise.

    • 😁

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  • Yo what

    It was at 891 ystd now its at 1121

    Wtf i love yall

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  • why does the snapshot look like broccoli 😭

    • now you gotta sing about broccoli

    • back to broccoli

  • i remember when i first heard this i just stared at my computer screen like 😊😍🤩🤩🥰😌

    • the first time i listened to this I was like






      *face_expresions.exe has stopped