Cover of track 777 by Young Tree
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Young Tree, 777


My inbox read 777 one day so I wrote a song about it. A little something on my mind.

I've been getting a lot of requests to start doing hip-hop more. So here's something to vibe to!

All credit to Chrome Sparks for the beautiful sample I worked with.

Most of the mixing was done in FL Studio and imported as wav files

Lyrics: I guess I ran outta space and it wouldn't let me post all of the lyrics so yeah. Here's most of them however. Peace Love and thanks.

Another day one dollar wanna say? Come hollar. I can see, no fears, breathing in the atmospheres. Keeping High Lows kickin. Why the trouble? stop bitchin. Need some time to light ignition cause lately im on a mission. See things have been changin on the news and television. People thinking for themselves now, and music's a religion. Threshold down but my eyes are wide open. I speak out because I understand the motion. Intensions so vivid but the path is so vague, theres times where never really what to say. It takes some damn dark days to find a better way at least without the help of the people who are lying to your face. And behind closed doors plan to end it all, its harder everyday but still you see me standing tall. Yeah im standin yall, and foldin triple sevens over this game.

I dont need a fuckin basketball.

I jump down from the constellations

The Sagittari star still rockin the nations

The Bass is still live and the lucky numbers drive me. Real sun energy we're bout to make the blind see.

What's that behind me?

Whether Aliens are a miracle or catastrophy is beyond me.

But I know one thing.

When I leave this place and everything's said and done, imma still be me.

Just wait till im through with this. So good its hideous. God lives in everyone so quit with the theory shit. This day is different, guns wont alarm no more, the only way to stop the hate is love until you cant no more. This energy has got a bend on me. So much that Im reconsidering who's a friend of me. Sent to sea. Write it in parenthesis for all to see. (C) Nionsomnia

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