This is my entry for me and @Lusti Akxl 's lofi battle.

I'm sure it's canceled bc of certain circumstances but this is what I've made.

(The cover was edited by me btw. Just so you know lmao.)

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  • god i love this

    • I forgot about this ngl. XD

  • damn... i just realized i kinda suck at music and imma lose xD

    • Nah.


    • I never even used a piano for this lol.

      And we were talking about a snippet of my Beeg Rume track not lofi samples.

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  • for a sec i thought this was the one for me and you and then i axxl and im like OH THANK GOD XD

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  • still amazing.... T-T

  • #5 somehow! XD

  • love it

  • noice

  • My editing skills are too powerful in 2022...

    I made this from the album cover of the battle so why does this one look more realistic than the actual thing? XD

  • o.k.i.e d.o.k.i.e

  • Oh yea remember when I asked that question about making beautiful chords and and beautiful melody to accompany the chords and them making you emotional?

    Yea this was the song I was talking about during the time. XD