Cover of track Yay! Sodi Pop Cake (almost 200 Remix Comp w/Zarv) by Renz
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Renz, Yay! Sodi Pop Cake (almost 200 Remix Comp w/Zarv)


Delicious pound cake i know and love is here in audiotool, grab a slice before they're gone :D


This is a remix competition for my 200 followers special, so i decided to send a draft to zarv again (we have like 3 collabs lol) and make this into a entire track!


*Must be original and different [No bullshit remixes, i will report you :) ]

*Collabs are optional

*Length doesnt matter so much as long as it is over 1 minute atleast.

*Have fun! The deadline is 11/06


Winners will be judge by me and zarv and i will put those winners, along with honorable mentions in a album :)

Prizes will be discussed as well :D


Enjoy :)

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