Hey were alive... figures.

and I ams till here, just so that all of my 168 (for right now, current # )followers know.. and I am save and am eating a Rye turkey sandwish with mustard and pickles (Because mustard and pickles have 0 calories... yay.)

Random facts:

-I've lost 20 lbs.

-A hot football player slipped his # in my phone when I wasn't looking!(SCORE!)

-I want coffee

-Fried Chicken has so many calories..ugh!!!

-Was going to sing in a talent show then couldn't then could, then couldn't and I would have won, because both groups were singing, but were tone deficiant... so I am sulking and imagining the 25$ I could have won, so not fair.

This song was fun, I work with the Rasselbock a bit so don't be all like

(This sucks, change your rasselbock) because it was just a major experiment, i assure if it's that bad I will never do it again.

WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS... post on my wall.

Speaking of Christmas, check out my Chrismas remix of Christmas cannon by mio

(hosted by Artemix so give it a try, but I'll still beat you... majorly just kidding.

But seriouly, listen to mine and then the first three other remixes...there is a "slight difference.)

I hope you all have a great Christmas (or other holiday) and a amazing new year.

***As for me... I will be doing 100 sit ups. -_-***

-----------can you see my excitement... I didn't think you could.

I fixed some things... so be happy... yay -_-

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    Hex (aka Trillagami)

    why is the background black in the snapshot

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    Because its not a bad song :) better then anything I could have produced.

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    I don't get how people liked this song so much...???

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    this song is amazing but u gotta fix the 0:55 part

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    yuo music sounds great , sexy and frech love your tunes

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    I love fried chicken too!! :3 nice track!! ^_^

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    Oh thats Nice :)

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    Bloody Knife Beats

    i hate it

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    Zir0h (Zeer-Oh)

    Hey I was told my music sounded like yours :3

    Tell me what you think of my new track?

    Just Ask

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    the only thing that could make this better is if you took out that gate or stutter (Can't tell which one) in the middle and it will be a really awesomer awesome song.

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    Dustin Ross

    sounds like @CallyKay :)

    good work on this, i like hearing rasselbock

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    these synths are sweet, i like the bell-like one. Very happy track and the rassel stuff is pretty cool

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    Proper jolly? :)!

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    you are such a girl...... hehe not that there is anything wrong with that but your a silly girl ;) hope you had a wonderful christmas and got everything you asked for..... lovely song btw!

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    Ryan W.

    i like your random facts. cool song too.