I am rarely in the remixing mood. I should take advantage of this...

I actually did record lyrics. But the flow was fatal. So here are the words instead haha.


I walk right into

no chorus needed

antecdednt to what?

it is already prestigious

firstborn child of eve

words that string together to simply

sound upright deep

using all of the devices

call it waterwell

who's given purpose is to suffice and to do well

If I knew Helen I would Keller

and William I would Tell him

that his name fits

fits within the frame

that is in this game

that we so feebly call rap

scoping fields and hills

of willed desires


riding ferris wheels

weaving faded kilts

killing things that kill


this is not a poem

game a not this is

this is the power to transform

the power to bring forth


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  • you a god

  • god bless the rasselblock

  • still one of my favorites from you, how ironic.

  • i HOPE you win i cant stop replaying this on my ipod ! its just perfect !

  • Still listening! This one of my favorites from you.

  • lovely

  • this is just soo sick bro

  • a beauty

  • I did the lyrics outloud with this to hear all the ways it might sounds- this would sound beautiful sung if you found someone who could actually sing. awesome remix anyway!

  • I'm really in love with this

  • Thanks for the love everyone! I am going through the hip-hop stages now.. I actually want it to wane down.. it is really not me.. I don't think?

  • - This is great, really. Or should I say "dope"?

    Either way, I love the percussion, and that bass is on point. Fantastic mixing.

  • That is a POEM!

  • why am i so late *----* awesome mix man <3

  • wow.