Finally, after a month since this track was put up as a demo, titled 'ID2', the huge brand new single 'Atlantis' is here!

Atlantis is something a bit different compared to most recent singles, as the progressive side of house music is shown out of this track.

Leading on from a building progressive intro, the first melody (brought across in the first break) shines and still builds up the pressure and gives a very mystical, uplifting sense. Then we are thrown into a cascadinng build up before we are thrown into the beautiful, mythical city of Atlantis. The melodic house drop reflects this legend-like city and it's beauty but it is also another great one who clubs/festivals etc, uniting everyone as one.

This track is the 2nd track to be featured on my brand new EP, now officially titled 'Sabotage', coming December 2014...

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