I didn't enter Audiotool day last year but I remember how big it was this year, so I decided to join this year.

I had so much fun with this one. This song I wanted to mix Neurofunk and ambient together into one genre. This was inspired by "Exodus" by Noisia. I honestly think that this is one of my best tracks ever made in Audiotool and will be hard to top after this.

Please leave me a comment of how I can make this song better and leave some feedback about it. Thank you for your time and listening.

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  • damn dude howd you know i was a DnB fan from listenin back in the 90s

  • @looks I have the bass split into two different channels, one panned to the right and the other left. I have a slope for each split on notch mode and they move rapidly to have a curvy and thicker sound.

  • The bass seems to be curving my ears inwards

  • Republished

    This may have not placed in Audiotool Day, but I still had fun.

  • pretty good one! check mine!

  • Thank you guys!

  • gah, this is so delicious!

  • Well the beginning at least.

  • It reminds me of a cab drive through the streets of north New York. But I wouldn't know what that feels like cuz I'm canadian...

  • goddamn

  • Thank you Notoz!

  • Good stuff!

  • Woah this is really good man!!

  • Very happy