Decided to have some fun with this years audiotool day competition. So I wanted to do a track way out of my comfort zone. No deep basses this time, but psychedelic sounds all around.

So lets take some acid and play this one loud ...


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  • there are so many details to this, i'm floored

    • This one was really fun to make :)

  • this is some awesome sound design

  • my fav artist !!!

  • excellent track by a true artist

  • This is great:)

  • Insane man. Freaking insane.

  • :)

  • Republished

    Don't know what happened to the track, but i tried to fix it

  • what the fuck happened with this track? Where's the sidechaining?

  • I love this!! Great job my friend

  • Wow, this is great. I'm always in awe of your skills, man! Compositionally your tracks are always going somewhere, the repeptitiveness never becomes boring. And you have such a talent for rhythm and dissonant sounds that fit together perfectly. I always have the feeling that your productions should be used as soundtracks, they would be awesome!

    • Wow thx man. I really appreciate it

  • refav!

  • Bro wtf! This is so unique and interesting! Like the hell man! So good! Happy i listened

  • Lets take some Acid? What kind of a teacher are you :D awesome track man!

    • And it's a holliday, so no role model atm :p (educative i mean)

    • One of the cool ones ofc :D

  • Republished

    Some sidechain tweeks in the intro