Cover of track Binaural Beat by André Michelle
  • about 2 years ago
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André Michelle, Binaural Beat

  • Binaural

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    deafeat7ed about 5 months ago

    great, i like these.

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    / kurp / about 1 year ago



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    Rodrigo Del Canto about 2 years ago

    WOW amazing ! I loved it ... especially at 1:59 (LOL )

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    Bluedude about 2 years ago

    Omg woah a binaural beat on Audiotool.

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    ArpeggiatorGladiator about 2 years ago

    It's similar to the one van Belle made like a year ago but less harsh.

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    Someone about 2 years ago

    Interesting phenomenom. Glad I'm using headphones. It was actually pretty relaxing. o.O

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    sndbrgn about 2 years ago

    I will do an ASMR remix maybe ;)

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    floydpjasper about 2 years ago

    Damn! I've had a Theta wave binaural track sitting on my drafts page for weeks! you beat me to the punch:) Nice work!

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    LAΞVΞNT about 2 years ago

    Downloaded this. Very brain-stimulating.

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    CGMan about 2 years ago

    I should stop listening to sine waves it gets creepy

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    fontana about 2 years ago

    more Binaural concerto hippopotamus Spam

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    E-trim about 2 years ago

    cool man. Impressive how one note can be still exiting :)

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    Flear about 2 years ago

    So THAT's how you would make this in AT. Impressive, albeit a little high pitched for my taste, but can't do much when the semitones are bottomed out.

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    synthy about 2 years ago

    That setup <3

    This and Inavon's delayed commute are some of my favourite tracks showing what the modular structure and the synths are really capable of!

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    practically impractical about 2 years ago

    It also gives you an after-effect that is wierd... Right after this stopped, I heard wierd voices, then just the odd effect...