Cover of track Blurry Apples by Versus
  • about 5 years ago
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Versus, Blurry Apples

  • techno
  • disco

A disco thing with a broken riff.

Hypnotic ? Repetitive ? Probably.

May Thou hear my sprayers.

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    tophat about 4 years ago

    This is one paints a picture in my mind... excellent excellent job with this!

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    tophat about 4 years ago

    This would definitely turn some heads...what a huge and complex sound..

    I feel like it is my first time in the club and I eye ball this incredible attractive woman at the bar..she walks over to me and can just smell my innocence.. she pretends to be new to this thing too and insists that we go dance. As soon as we get on the floor she evolves into an entirely new being—grooving to a newfound freedom in hi hats and bass

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    Frigolito about 4 years ago

    Cool stuff! It is quite amazing what you can do with only a Bb7 chord. ;) I love all subtle effects and I hope this will go far in the competition. :)

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    Daftwill about 4 years ago

    wonderful entry !

  • User Avatar

    tornsage about 4 years ago