Cover of track BubbleSort by André Michelle
  • about 8 months ago
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André Michelle, BubbleSort

  • techno

A draft that needed to be finished. Techno al dente.

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    slopo about 7 months ago


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    E-trim about 8 months ago

    Techno as it should be ... although i like it a little darker ofc :)

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    Sndbrgn about 8 months ago

    Jeile Bassline, dit rockt jewaltig!

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      André Michelle about 8 months ago

      Wild random waveform changes in Heisenberg. Gets a nice analogue touch.

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    SOLACE about 8 months ago

    hardcore! loving the trippy rhythm.

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    pendragon `', about 8 months ago

    what are you doing? get back to work on next!


    just kidding, i like this. vintage vibes all the way through