Finally! The collaboration between @Ketram andn @amoeba is completed! Here are words from the creators of this track.

@amoeba - i dont really like dubstep, but THIS is pretty cool! i really focused on production, even though eqing and stuff may not be the best. but i tried. :)

@Ketram This took FOREVER :) Well, it does have many devices in it. I actually counted them all. Here is what our track has in it.

-5 Pulverisateurs

-5 Heisenbergs

-1 Minimixer

-1 Beatbox 8

-1 Tonematrix

-2 Centroids

-3 Kobolts

-2 Machinstes

-5 Graphical EQ's

-2 Crossfaders

-1 Splitter

-2 Mergers

-5 Delays

-2 Phasers

-2 Crushers

-6 Reverbs

-9 Slopes

-4 TubeDs

-2 Flangers

-1 PEQ

-1 Chorus

-16 Compressors

-3 Exciters

-2 Audiotracks

-23 Automations

Yeah, I really did have fun with @amoeba while making this. He's a pretty cool dude and he's extremely talented. Everyone should go follow him, cause he's awesome. Enjoy this track guys :)

P.S Carpe Diem means "Seize the Day" in Latin :)

SORRY NO REMIX OR DOWNLOAD! Downloads may be avaliable soon, not sure what amoeba really wants to do here. ENJOY GUYS :D

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