Cover of track Celestial Sundown [arche synth edit] by arche3.0
  • about 6 years ago
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arche3.0, Celestial Sundown [arche synth edit]


I wanted to just do something quick for fun:

Modified the pulve settings/effects a little. Changed the progression a bit - now a I V (iii V) vi ii IV. - LOL

Also changed a couple note tracks at key points.

Original is really nice and I love Hbeao's work as it provides perfect source material :)

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    Dei Servus about 6 years ago

    very smooth! i like it! i could see lyrics go with this!! very nice

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    yafee? about 6 years ago

    I missed this earlier! super job arche3.0 (with lasers)! ;)

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    arche3.0 about 6 years ago

    I thought about going jazz on this, but didn't really want to get that involved. A nice progression could be I iii I vi IV ii bii7 I. I prefer using the bii7 rather than a V7 to mix things up a bit.

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    KolorKoat about 6 years ago

    i kinda wanna remix :) a remix of a remix..i will listen to the original:)

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    KolorKoat about 6 years ago

    you always make beautiful sounds:)